Certificate Programs

USF Continuing Education offers a number of certificate programs which are a structured set of noncredit courses focusing on skills and knowledge applicable to a specific content area. Local individuals and companies value the USF noncredit certificate programs for providing a functional, solid background in a particular area, which can be used to stay current in your job and/or help prepare you to transition into a new career. A certificate program can also be used to prepare for new responsibilities within your company.

We also offer several certification preparation programs. Professional certification is typically awarded by a separate industry group, company or professional association. Successful completion of comprehensive exams and other qualification/experiential requirements are necessary to be awarded a certification. Maintaining certification often requires continued work in the professional field and/or additional approved courses, which USF Continuing Education may offer.

While USF does not grant certification, we offer courses to help you prepare for a number of professional certifications. A professional certification usually provides the ability to move among employers in a specific industry/field because it is usually desired and recognized on a national level.

Which is right for your career?

Our advisors/consultants can help you decide if a certificate program or certification training program is right for you. Just call our registration office 813-974-2403 to be directed to an advisor.

Online certificates are also available through ProTrain and ed2go.

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For more information, contact the Registration Office:
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