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Need assistance to pay for your continuing education?

As non degree, noncredit training programs, USF Professional and Workforce Development courses are ineligible for traditional federally-subsidized Financial Resources. However, there are other options that may be available to assist you in paying for your professional development and career training:

Personal Loans

You may be able to obtain a private or consumer loan from your bank or credit union at an attractive interest rate to pay for your noncredit professional development.

Educational Benefits for Veterans

If you are eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs Educational benefits, visit the VA web site or call the USF Veterans Services Office at 813-974-2291for more information.

Workforce Board Funds

In support of regional economic development, Florida’s Agency for Workforce Innovation (WIA) provides grants and assistance to individuals who seek to upgrade their skills and obtain jobs to become re-employed and economically self-sufficient. For information, visit the state web site to locate your regional service center.

Tax Credits

Consult with your tax professional to determine if various IRS tax credits/benefits (Lifelong Learning Credit, etc.) are applicable in your situation. Please refer to the following link for the appropriate tax year –

Employer Support

Ask your employer if your company provides tuition reimbursement benefits for your job-related noncredit training. We also accept company-approved purchase orders from employers who will be covering the training cost.

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